Don't be Inhibited by Not having the Right Tools!

A Key Objective of F3 Online's Mission is to Enable Silent Creators.

We have the fabrication tools you require. The important thing to always keep in mind is THE DESIGN is what's most important. Without a design, there's nothing any tool can do to fabricate something out of nothing. We will fabricate your custom design, and you can finish it. This is the same collaboration process F3 Online and its artist friends in Coachella Valley have been practicing for years. You only need to visit the webpages of some of our artist friends and look up past Coachella Fest events where F3 Online's Master Fabricators cut the basic artistic shapes out of EPS foam to which the artist then added the finishing detail and aesthetic touches.

Architectural Moldings & Other Shapes

Metal Fabrication Specialties

Traffic (Gawker & Glare) Shields

Sound Wall Noise Barriers

EPS Foam Casting Molds

EPS Foam Props

EPS Foam Furniture


Gates & Surrounds

DIY Kits

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