Fabrication as a Service

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Metal Fabrications
F3 Online offers FaaS (Fabrication as a Service) to its physical content creators for creating and realizing the tangible result of their custom design. So, what does FaaS really mean for the creator?

The best answer to this question is really a question directed to our content creator friends.

Have you ever had the desire to create a physical design of yours, but abandoned the idea because you didn’t have the tools required to build or fabricate it?

I know one artist who applies her artistic talent across several medium types ranging from digital content to physical content. She’s a professional 3D animation artist, but she spends a good deal of her spare time actively creating a variety of physical arts. The tools required for most of her physical art projects were available to her, but when she developed a passion for creating 3D paper art, her go-to tool for creating the huge quantity of paper pieces comprising her art project was a pair of scissors. Certainly, scissors worked, but they weren’t exactly efficient. She eventually saved up enough money to purchase a very nice, programmable paper cutting machine; a tool that allowed her to easily create new 3D paper art projects as well as recreate past art projects.

But what if this tool cost several thousand dollars rather than several hundred dollars?

The price of a tool can be an extremely inhibiting barrier for artists — or anyone — to venture into an area of interest.    This is exactly the problem FaaS sets out to solve.

F3 Online has the tools that are outside the reach of most physical content creators. Sure, there are workarounds in many cases, but our objective is to give each aspiring and active physical content artist an efficient means to an end for producing custom designs that otherwise might be out of reach.

And to revisit a thought we shared once before — Imagine for a moment if Michelangelo had access to EPS foam as an artistic medium for his sculptures. How many more sculptures could his genius have created by trading in his chisels for hot wires, routers, and shaping tables?

We encourage you to never again be inhibited in tackling a physical content project just because you may not have the right tools. Instead, join our community, try our services, and discover firsthand our capabilities for transforming your custom designs into physical form.

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