EPS Foam Props

The Affordable and Quick Choice for Creating Props for Any Occassion

EPS Signs, Lettering, and Prop Project Examples

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EPS Foam is an amazingly high utility medium for sculpting practically any imaginable design. Once fabricated, the EPS product lends itself to a wide variety of coating materials ranging from epoxies to plastering for both indoor and outdoor uses. Highly regarded by professionals as a medium for a wide variety of applications, EPS is also the perfect Do-It-Yourself’er medium requiring nothing more than curiosity and the confidence in knowing “do-overs” are okay!

EPS Foam for Parties, Events, Birthdays, Holiday decor…

  • Temporary and permanent decorations
  • Items can be painted and hung on walls, and placed on shelves as memorabilia
  • Lettering, names, signs, logos etc.
  • Do-It-Yourself projects
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