EPS Foam Casting Molds

EPS Foam for Precast Products; the Winner for ROI

Precast Mold Project Examples

EPS foam is a marvelous medium for creating molds both reusable and lost foam molding techniques. The following direct cost variables comprise the total cost for creating a casting mold:

  • Average fully burdened hourly labor cost

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  • Average time to build mold
  • Average material cost — e.g. wood, fiberglass, rubber or other for building a mold.

EPS Foam Mold Benefits for Precast Products

  • Low cost material when compared to rubber, fiberglass, wood, etc.
  • Unequaled when it comes to quickly fabricating molds for one-off custom jobs
  • Re-useable for many, if not most projects
  • Measurable savings on direct labor — i.e. cost of purchasing custom fabricated  EPS molds versus the direct labor cost to build molds out of rubber, fiberglass, wood, etc.


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