EPS Foam Furniture

EPS Foam Furniture — Faux or the Real Thing?

EPS Furniture Project Examples

When one thinks of EPS foam, the word “fragile” comes to many minds. And even for many of those minds that know better, being confronted with the idea of furniture crafted out of EPS foam might be challenging to accept.

Crafting furniture items out of EPS is not only possible, but it’s also fun. And while, like any building material, the choice for using EPS to create a piece of furniture needs to be compatible with the application — e.g. making a sofa out of EPS might not be the wisest choice. However, furniture items along the lines of coffee tables, side tables, nightstands, floating shelves, and other items not subject to overly heavy weight are all fair game for using EPS foam. The coating one applies to EPS foam adds strength for small furniture items. However, embedding metal reinforcement inside of EPS furniture items plus coating adds strength plus durability.

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Why make furniture out of EPS foam?

Because it can be fun; it can become a profitable hobby; and it’s easy to replicate furniture pieces from by-gone eras and even for embracing revival design movements like mid-century modern. EPS plus the right choice in coating material (and reinforcement when required) only needs to be mixed with imagination and desire.

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