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F3 Online invites Creators, Fabricators, Mentors, Shoppers, and Fans to Join our Community and contribute to its growth.

For those members who wish to promote their Content, Fabrication, and Mentoring capabilities, we invite you to create your own complimentary website.

Includes Animation & Film, Digital Art, Music & Sound Art, and Non-Fabricated Physical Art.

Includes Designs for EPS & Metal Shapes (including Architectural), and Physical Art.

Includes Fabricating EPS Art, Architectural and other Sculptural Shapes, Applying Coatings & Plastering EPS, and Casting Products using EPS Molds.

Includes Fabricating Metal Art, Shapes, Tools, and Fittings, and Applying Finishing Touches to Metal Products.

Individuals who wish to share their knowledge and skills with Community Members.

Members shopping for Member Created Digital and Physical Content.

Members with a specific interest in acquiring Custom Designed Content to support events and a wide variety of advertising campaigns.

Members who appreciate the talent of Content Creators and Fabricators.

F3 Online Community Memberships

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