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  • If you wish to get a small taste for the many applications for EPS rigid foam in architecture, take a few moments to visit our “Foam Fabrication” webpage. The variety of facades for buildings defy enumeration. Foam can be cut, routed, and shaped to mimic a wide variety of man-made and natural materials ranging from simulated stone to building bricks. As you learn more about the many architectural applications of EPS, you just might just find yourself knocking on buildings, walls, and other structures to determine if its foam.

    Check out F3 Online's standard shapes catalog. Any of these shapes can be scaled to whatever size required. And, if you cannot find the shape you need, send us details for your custom design.

  • It’s hard to imagine where the construction industry would be today without EPS rigid foam. Common examples of how foam is used in the construction industry include:

    • Wall Panels of all Kinds
    • Roofing Panels
    • Insulated Concrete Forms
    • Soil Stabilization
    • Structural insulated panels (SIPs)
    • Sheathing
    • Visual Shields for K-rails (Jersey Walls)

    F3 Online can satisfy just about any need for builders and others in the construction industry.

  • When EPS is examined in the energy perspective, the discussion typically leans toward topics that range from “EPS and the Environment” to the value of “EPS as an Insulating Material”. Our contribution to this discussion pales in comparison to the scientific studies and publications produced by the EPS Industry Alliance . Therefore, we highly recommend your visiting the link above to learn more about the role EPS plays in areas like “Green Building & Energy Efficiency”, “Consistent Energy Savings and Thermal Protection delivered by EPS over the Life of a Building”, and the “EPS Industry’s Commitment to Environmental Stewardship”.

    F3 Online follows best practices for the disposal of any fabrication waste.

  • Have you ever wondered how those fancy props and movie sets are created in the film industry?

    Certainly, CGI has greatly enhanced the dynamics of creating what once were unimaginable sets, but it’s not all CGI. EPS rigid foam is widely employed for the simple reason they're highly affordable and easy to cut, route, and shape into almost any conceivable sculptural design.

    F3 Online's community of physical and digital content creators challenges entertainment studios to present us with any set or other design requirements. We will not disappoint!

  • EPS rigid foam is no strangers to a wide range of manufacturing categories. EPS Foam Panel Manufacturers directly serve the construction industry with a wide variety of panel applications including permanent and temporary foam building structures. Manufacturing companies have long embraced the utility of EPS foam for creating substitutes for masonry materials such as bricks, stone, blocks, and more.

    “Lost Foam Casting” is a technique widely employed by manufacturers to create molds for highly complex metal shapes. Lost Foam Casting is also employed by steel mills as a mold for creating masonry bricks that wall the inside of kilns.

    F3 Online already serves the fabrication needs for a complement of manufacturing customers. We invite your inquiry to see how we can best serve your specific needs.

  • A CRITICAL BUSINESS FACT: Content Marketing is NOT limited to the large enterprise. Every company should be investing in building an audience for its services and products to showcase subject matter expertise, quality, and personality. The World Wide Web is the biggest storefront ever built for selling products and services. This Web storefront does not discriminate by company size, but be certain that its visitors will make choices based on what they see in the storefront window.

    Content marketing is the big tool every business person requires for building and improving brand image and trust. The quality of the content displayed in your storefront will determine who visits your business; but more importantly, who returns for another visit. The best storefront content is tailored to the interests of your ideal customer profile and coordinated into a buyer's journey for nurturing leads and prompting a discussion that visitors will share on their social networks.

    F3 Online is comprised of a community of content creators for both digital and physical content — and EPS Foam and Metals fabricators for fulfilling the designs of physical content creators.

  • Imagine for a moment if Michelangelo had access to EPS foam as an artistic medium for his sculptures. How many more sculptures could his genius have created by trading in his chisels for hot wires, routers, and shaping tables? But would his EPS sculptures be as timeless as stone? Well, yes! The lifespan of EPS is long, potentially unlimited. And, with a proper coating material, EPS can be visually indistinguishable from stone. Stone is certainly much harder and far heavier than EPS, but it’s also more brittle and, likely, more vulnerable to long-term exposure to the elements – and most certainly stone is far more difficult to repair.

    Sculptural artists were early innovators for recognizing the versatility of foam as the perfect medium for creating shapes that dazzle one’s imagination. F3 Online expects to have a long history serving the needs of the artistic community, especially artists creating works that inspire imagination.

    Click here to explore the imaginations of some of our artist customers.

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